How To Remove Road Tar From Car Body

In the summer, your car is constantly being bombarded with road tar. The hot sun bears down making it soft and it is easily kicked up by other cars and your own tires. The result is a mess on your car body. The tar does not easily come off with common car wash soap. The best it can do is smear it. This is why a good tar remover should be a part of every auto detailers tool kit.

Best Road Tar Solutions

Prevent Future Road Tar

The best way to treat anything is to prevent it. As far as road tar goes, the best way to prevent it is to make your vehicle too slick for the tar to stick. This, of course, means waxing your car. A good coating of wax will keep things from sticking to your car making it stay clean longer between cleanings. It also allows for quicker car washes in the future and adds some UV protection to your paint.

If you have never waxed your car, it is quite easy. First, you want to thoroughly wash your vehicle, removing dirt, grease and of course tar using one of the products above. Next, thoroughly dry the car and park it in a shaded area. Work in small areas and apply a carnauba based wax and then buff out the area. Do not let the wax dry too hard or it will be impossible to remove. This is why you work in the shade and in small sections.

The average car will take about 2 hours to wax and when you are done, you can sit back and admire your shiny tar resistant vehicle.

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