How To Clean A Front Loading Washer

Front loading washers are great machines. They clean clothes very well, use minimal water and let’s face it, they look cool. They are not machines without maintenance however. They require regular cleaning. Regular cleaning will keep them working well, looking good and most importantly, smelling good. Without a regular cleaning these machines can start to put out quite an odor. Here is how you can clean your front load washer easily.
Washer Cleaning Steps

  1. Purchase a bottle of washing machine cleaner. Glisten Washer Magic is a good choice.
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  2. Apply your washing machine cleaner to a rag and wipe the inner seal of the washing machine to remove any residue.
  3. Add the specified amount of solution to the detergent container of your washer. In the case of Washer Magic, add 1/2 cup.
  4. Run your washing machine on its normal wash cycle using hot water.
  5. Repeat this process once a month or whenever an odor develops.


  • If your washer is heavily soiled meaning that you have not cleaned it in some time, repeat applications may be needed.
  • If you have a persistent smell, check the seal. Gunk tends to get caught here.
  • To minimize mildew odor, leave your front loading washer door open between uses.
  • Remove clothes quickly from your washing machine to prevent moldy odors.
  • Clean your drain pump filter regularly. Did you know you had one? It is typically located on one of the lower front corners of the machine.
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