Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber cleaning cloths or towels have a lot of uses around the house or in your shop. They can make cleaning easy for several reasons. For starters, they can last longer than cotton towels because they do not shed. In addition, they are much cheaper overall than paper towels. The initial expense is more but they can be used over and over again. The last reason to choose a microfiber cleaning cloth is that it leaves no lint behind. Particularly important on shiny surfaces like granite counters or windows, the lack of lint will make your final results much better.

Why Microfiber?

A Cheap Microfiber Cleaning ClothThe benefit of microfiber is that it cleans more efficiently. Here is how it works. First, consider a cotton cleaning cloth. It has a certain number of fibers that go to work scrubbing a surface when you use it to wipe something clean. Now, a microfiber rag has much smaller individual fibers. This means that there are far more fibers in a given area giving it more cleaning and absorbing power. In a nutshell, that is why they are superior to cotton cleaning towels.

Green Cleaning With Microfiber

Is cleaning with a microfiber towel or cloth green? You bet it is and for more reasons than you may think. The obvious reason is that you will be saving paper by not using a countless number of paper towels. The lifespan of microfiber is long and you will save many a tree by switching to them. The not so easy reason to see is that they allow you to use less chemicals. You can go lighter or even not use many detergents because the cloths pick up soil very well on their own. Imagine not having to use furniture polish to remove dust from your woodwork. Imagine cleaning a countertop without your favorite all purpose cleaning spray.

Origin Of Microfiber

Microfiber dates back to the 1950’s but it really did not take off until the 1990’s. If you think about it, that is probably about the time you started noticing microfiber furniture hitting the market. It is made from ultra fine particles and become popular in furniture because it was soft, durable and cleaned well. These same benefits make it an excellent cleaning cloth or towel. It is durable, soft so it will not scratch and because it does not shed, it cleans without leaving unwanted particles behind.

Content of Microfiber

The vast majority of Microfiber will be polyester but it is not uncommon to find some nylon blends. The material content and construction of the cloth makes it clean better in many applications. It has been tested to remove more bacteria from a surface, compared to cotton clothes and it has an electrostatic property which allows it to attract and hold dust better than natural fibers.

Cheap Microfiber Cloths

Now, how can you save money on these wonderful cleaning products. The key, like anything is to mail order them and buy them in bulk at places like Amazon. Click here to check prices. Buy at least a couple dozen at a time, you will use them, that is not too many. Also purchase them from an online retailer such as Amazon. You will get free shipping typically and they almost always beat the price of the big box store.

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