$20 Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaningIs it possible to find carpet cleaning for just $20? Some companies will tell you know but some boldly advertise this price. Who is right? Are the companies advertising such a low price just trying to rip you off? Well, the answer is, it depends. Honestly, some of the companies offering cleaning for $20 or less are trying to rip you off, others truly offer cleaning for that price. The trick is finding out which kind of company that you are dealing with. This article will give you some tips on companies to avoid and companies to hire.
We are assuming that you have set your budget at $20 a room and are only looking at companies in that price range to hire. I will begin by listing the companies that you should consider. Why not start out positive right?
Carpet cleaning companies you should consider hiring.

  • They state that everything needed for a basic cleaning is included in their price. This will essentially be just pre-spray, basic spot cleaning and extraction. At this price point, you should not be looking at receiving things like vacuuming, furniture moving, carpet protector, etc. A legitimate company is charging this low of a price because they have stripped the service to just the basics. This allows you to get a good clean by doing some of the prep work yourself.
  • They have a reasonable rooms size limit.
    This should be somewhere around 200 square feet per room. Any rooms larger than that may incur an additional charge or may be charged as two rooms. This size limit means that most rooms in your home will count as only one.
  • They have a guarantee.
    Just because you are looking for a low price cleaning does not mean that you should be throwing your money away. You should expect to be satisfied with the results.
  • They look professional.
    The company should have a professional website and image. Check out Reliant Carpet Cleaning for an example. This Dallas carpet cleaning company has low rates but still provides quality services.

Carpet cleaning companies you should avoid.

  • They do not include everything in the basic price.
    This is known as bait and switch. Some companies will come into your home and try to charge you extra for every little thing. If the fine print on their coupon says some conditions apply or something similar, avoid them. They should state what is included right away.
  • They have small room sizes.
    Most people have no idea how big their room size is and some companies take advantage of this by having low room size limits. You might think that 100 square feet is a lot and an appropriate limit but the only room that is less than that size in your house is probably your master closet. Room sizes should be 200 square feet or larger.
  • They do not mention a guarantee.
    All companies should have a guarantee, no matter the price point.

Finding a discount carpet cleaner is never an easy thing because many of the companies offering low prices are only trying to cheat you. So, look at the things above and then research the company thoroughly online before you even think of scheduling your carpet cleaning service.

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