How to hide the smell of pet odor.

dog-urineIf your dog or cat has left their scent all over your home, it can change the way you use it. It makes you self conscious about how your home presents itself and makes you not want to invite friends and family over. There are some things that you can do to temporarily hide the odor and allow you to entertain. Here are our five top tips.

  1. Spray the spot with vinegar and water.
    If you know where the offending odor is, mix up a solution of one part white distilled vinegar and two parts water. Mist it on the spot. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and will help neutralize the odor.
  2. Use a cinnamon plug in, candle or oil burner.
    Cinnamon seems to mask the odor the best. The scents like apple or cherry only blend in with the odor producing a scent like apple/urine or cherry/pee pee.
  3. Cut the humidity.
    The salts in urine attract humidity. This is why pet stains smell worse on a humid and rainy day. Use your HVAC system and a dehumidifier, if you have one, to cut the humidity in your home and minimize the odor.
  4. Introduce Fresh Air
    If it is a nice day or night, open every window you can in your home. Focus on windows on opposite ends of the home to create a cross breeze.
  5. Thoroughly Inspect Your Home For Odor
    Look around and make sure that you do not have any easy odor causing materials to remove. Look for pet stains on towels on the floor, pet bedding, cushions, corners of furniture, etc. Remove any odor causing materials that you can before your guests arrive.
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