Flood Clean Up

Squish! There is nothing worse than walking into your home, stepping on your carpet and hearing that sound. It means that flood water clean upsomething has gone terribly wrong with your plumbing. It could be an over flowing toilet, a busted pipe or even a slab leak. It could even be something as simple as a backed up air conditioner drain (you would be surprised how much water they can put out). Whatever the case, you have a mess on your hands and you need to get it cleaned up. Here is what you need to do.
1. Control The Leak
This is job one right now, to minimize the damage caused by the flood. If it has been caused by a broken pipe or over flowing toilet, you need to shut off the water. If the malfunctioning pipe has its own cutoff, you can cut off the water at the source of the leak and keep the rest of the water in your home flowing. If there is no cutoff or if the shutoff valve on the pipe or appliance is not functioning (very common), you will need to shut off the main water supply to the home. This will be located on the outside perimeter of your home in an underground box or at the water meter.
2. Contact A Flood Clean Up Company
The sooner that you get someone to your home, the better. This is because the longer that water sits on your carpet, wood floors, etc, the more damage it will do. Do a quick search for “flood clean up [your town]” or “water clean up [your town] and you should come up with many options. Make sure that the company that you hire is certified in water damage restoration by the IICRC or a similar organization. If you are not sure who to call, you should contact you insurance company for a referral.
3. Contact Your Insurance Company
Once you have a flood clean up crew on the way, you should get the ball rolling with your insurance company. Most will send an adjuster to your home fairly quickly. They do this in an effort to save themselves money by making sure that everything is being handled properly.
4. Have The Source Of The Leak Repaired
Your last step is to have the source of the leak repaired. In most cases, you will be calling a plumber to repair a faulty pipe, water heater, etc. You could be dealing with other contractors as well though if the leak was from an air conditioner or other appliance.

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