Olefin Area Rug Cleaning

olefin rugOlefin or polypropylene is a material that is commonly used in area rugs. It is a material that has a lot of advantages and some disadvantages as well.
Olefin Advantages: There are many good characteristics of olefin. For starters, it is a rather cheap material. This allows for consumers to purchase some rather inexpensive, yet quality rugs. It is also very resistant to soiling. This is because olefin absorbs little moisture. Finally, it is a rather soft material, when compared to nylon, etc. This makes it a comfortable material to use in a rug.
Olefin Disadvantages: The main disadvantage to this material is that because it is soft, it wears quickly. For this reason, you should not use an olefin rug in a high wear area if you want it to last for any length of time. This means that it is a poor material for entryways and hallways. Another problem with olefin is that it attracts grease like a magnet. This also makes it a bad candidate for an entry rug.
Cleaning Olefin Rugs: Because they absorb little moisture, cleaning these types of rugs is very easy. They are very forgiving so the average home owner should have no issue cleaning them with a rental carpet cleaner or a home carpet cleaner. Just clean them like you would a standard wall to wall carpet The only potential problem to look out for is what is beneath the rug. Because this type of material does not absorb moisture, water will tend to run down the fiber to the backing of the carpet, potentially wetting the floor underneath. Because of this, you should avoid cleaning them on top of hardwood floors.

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