How to wash preemie clothes.

preemieA baby’s skin is very delicate. It is easily irritated and care must be taken with how you wash a baby’s clothes. This is especially true with a preemie (premie) baby. Preemie baby skin is even thinner than an average newborn and can be much more sensitive. So, how do you wash clothes for a preemie baby and make sure that you do not irritate their skin? It is actually very easy.
The first thing that you need to do is choose a good detergent. You should use a baby safe detergent such as Dreft. (Check prices for Dreft.) Baby safe detergents will not contain all of the harsh cleaners and perfumes that a traditional detergent contains. They are a bit more expensive but they are definitely worth it.
Next, you need to avoid the use of fabric softeners and fabric softening sheets. The perfumes and chemicals in fabric softeners can be irritating to a preemie’s skin.
Finally, you should do an extra rinse on your premie baby’s clothes. An extra rinse will just insure that the clothing is as residue free as possible. Be sure to use warm water as well. Warm water will rinse and clean better.

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