How to clean a feather duster.

duster-featherYou might not think about it much, but at some point, you will need to clean your feather duster. At some point, they will get so full of dust and dirt that they become less effective at cleaning. No problem, they are quite easy to clean.
In most cases, to clean a feather duster all you will have to do is shake it out. Of course, you do not want to do this inside, so go outside and shake it. Do not beat it against a wall or anything hard because this could easily damage the feathers. as an alternative to shaking your feather duster, you could also use your homes vacuum cleaner if it has a good HEPA filter. Simply take the hose attachment and vacuum the feathers being sure to get to all of the ones in the middle as well.
If your duster has gotten soiled with liquid or something that will not simply shake out, you will need a more aggressive cleaning. Fill your sink with warm water and a tablespoon of a mild dish soap. Take your feather duster and submerge it into the mixture while moving it back and forth. After a minute or so, remove it and rinse it with warm water. Now wring the duster out with your hands and hang it up to air dry. Let it dry completely before putting it back to use. When it is dry, fluff the feathers a bit with your fingers and you are done.

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