Does carpet cleaning remove scotch guard?

If you are having your carpet cleaned, you might be concerned as to whether or not it will damage your carpets protective coating. Most carpets these days are treated with some sort of a protector whether it be Scotch Gard (or Guard), Teflon or some other variety. The protector helps your carpet stay clean by preventing stains from sinking deep into the fiber. It is kind of like wax on a car. It helps your carpet stay clean longer and makes it easier to clean in the future.

So, does carpet cleaning remove Scotchgard (Scotchguard)?

The answer is yes and no, a proper carpet cleaning will not significantly remove the protector that has been applied to your carpet. It would take a high PH cleaning solution to remove the protector and a proper cleaning by a professional carpet cleaning company will not use such a high PH. Generally, PH levels below 10 are safe for stain resistant carpet. That being said, any agitation of the carpet can remove a portion of the Scotchgard and for ultimate carpet protection, you should reapply it.

What does remove Scotch Gard (Guard)?

If a carpet cleaner uses a PH level that is too high, a significant amount of the protective coating can be removed. To guard against this, always hire a quality carpet cleaning company with a good reputation. The lowest price cleaners are the most likely to use cheap and improper cleaning chemicals.
Another way that your protector is worn out is by wear. Over time, your Scotchgard (Guard) will simply be worn off. This is why it is a good idea to have it reapplied every few years. You can pay a carpet cleaner to do this or you can save some money and reapply it yourself.

Reapplying Scotchgard

Apply Scotchgard

Luckily , applying scotchgard is a simple and even affordable thing. Of course if you have your carpet cleaner do it, it will cost you a small fortune since they tend to triple or more the price of the solution. This is why you should buy it yourself from places like Amazon and apply it. It will literally take you about 15 minutes to mix and apply it. But first, you need to buy the right thing.

Buying Scotchgard Concentrate

The first thing that you need to know is what to stay away from.  Stay away from the aerosol cans of Scotchgard. You will never be able to apply this in sufficient quantity and you would need dozens and dozens of cans. What you want is a gallon of concentrate. This is available at Amazon and will dilute down to cover about 1000 square feet of carpet. This is more than enough for the average home. A carpet cleaning company would charge about three times the cost of this bottle of concentrate to apply it for you.
Here is what you want on Amazon

Buy A Scotchgard Sprayer

Next, you need to buy a sprayer to apply your Scotchgard to your carpet. A two gallon sprayer is the best options because it will keep you from having to constantly refill. Any good garden sprayer will work, but try to find one with a fan tip. It will make application easier.
Here is a good one on Amazon.

Applying Your Scotchgard

Now it is time to apply your product. Mix it up according to directions and spray it evenly on your carpet. The best time to apply it is after a fresh carpet cleaning but if you must apply it to dry carpet, at least try to vacuum the carpet thoroughly first. When you are done, wait for your carpet to completely dry before putting it back to use.

Your carpet is now protected. Moisture should take longer to penetrate the fiber preventing many stains. Soils can still dry on the carpet but can typically easily be removed with simple water on a rag.

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