Does carpet cleaning remove pet dander?

dog-urineAre you having a problem with pet allergies? If so, you might be interested in whether or not carpet cleaning is the solution. The answer is yes, but it is not the complete solution. Carpet cleaning will successfully remove much of the pet dander in your carpet but this is not the only place where you will find pet dander. For a complete solution, you must also look to other areas of your home. Here are a few more places that you should look.
Furniture: Your pets probably spend a good deal of time on your furniture. Even if they are not allowed on your furniture, dander will make its way onto it when it gets in the air. A simple regular vacuuming is probably all that you need to take carpet of the problem. Be sure to get into all the cracks and crevices to remove as much hair or dander as possible. If you have owned your furniture for several years without a professional cleaning, consider hiring a carpet cleaner to give it a thorough cleaning.
Beds: Just like the furniture, pet dander can wind up in your beds and bedding even if the pets are not allowed on the bed. Regular removal and cleaning of bedding will help keep dander at bay but an occasional vacuuming of your bed will help as well.
Air Ducts: When your HVAC system is on, it is blowing air into your room and the air will eventually return to the system. This brings pet dander into your return air ducts. Regularly replace your HVAC filter to keep dander from entering the rest f your ducts. If you are good about changing your filter and use quality air filters, this should be enough. Most homes will not benefit from air duct cleaning.

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