Does carpet cleaning cause mold?

carpet cleaningCarpet cleaning is something that is essential if you want your home or office carpet to last for a long time. Some people avoid having their carpet cleaned because they fear mold growth. You may have heard rumors that having your carpet cleaned, especially with a steam cleaning method, can cause mold growth. Well, is it true?
The answer is no, carpet cleaning, when done properly, will not cause mold growth. Carpets must be wet for a very long time in order for mold to grow. If you hire a professional cleaning company, carpet will be dry in less than 24 hours in most cases. Many cleaners can even get the carpet dry in just 1 to 2 hours. It would take days or even weeks for mold to grow.
If a carpet is cleaned improperly however, it may be possible for mold to grow. The carpet would have to be soaked deep all the way down to the pad for this to happen though. To avoid this, just be sure to hire a reputable carpet cleaning company to do the work for you. Always get a referral if possible when hiring a carpet cleaner. If doing the work yourself with a rental machine, follow the directions on the machine exactly. Also, avoid cleaning the carpet yourself on a humid day when evaporation would be limited. Finally, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, use fans and forced ventilation to keep air moving on the damp carpet.

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