Do carpet cleaners move furniture?

carpet cleaningCarpet cleaning is not something that is done extremely often. Although we should have our carpet cleaned once a year, we often put it off and wait several years to have it cleaned. Because of this fact, you may be uncertain about what is included in a standard carpet cleaning. One common question is whether carpet cleaners move furniture. Well, do they?
The answer is yes and no. Some carpet cleaners move furniture and some do not. The ones who do move furniture will typically state it in their advertisements or will be quick to bring it up. If a carpet cleaner does not say that they move furniture, you can be sure that they do not or that there is an extra charge for it.
Even if a carpet cleaner does move furniture, they will typically not move all of the furniture. Moving all of the furniture in a home would be expensive and would be an unnecessary risk. Most carpet cleaners who do move furniture will move small items like chairs and end tables. Some will even move couches and similar furniture. Very few cleaners will move beds or dressers and just about no cleaner will move electronics.

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