Top 5 Mistakes Made When Spot Cleaning Carpet

If you want your carpet to last and want to avoid having a professional in to clean it every month or two, you need to do some regular spot cleaning. It is important however, to do it correctly. Here are some examples of things not to do when spot cleaning your home’s carpet. These are the top mistakes that we find home owners make.

  1. Using the wrong cleaner.
    You should only use a cleaner on your carpet that is designed to clean carpet. The safest bet is to buy a quality spot cleaner from the store that says that it is safe for stain resistant carpet. In a pinch, you can make a spotting solution from a mild dish soap by adding a tablespoon of soap to a quart of water. Do not use cleaners such as automatic dish soap, laundry soap or bathroom cleaners.
  2. Rubbing the carpet vigorously.
    When you spot clean a carpet, you want to dab the spot or blot it. Rubbing the spot aggressively will damage the texture of your carpet and will irreversibly change its appearance.
  3. Using too much cleaner.
    More is not always better. Use just enough spot cleaner to get the job done. If you apply too much cleaner, the spot is likely to wick back up to the surface when it dries.
  4. Not acting quick enough.
    The sooner you get to a spot, the easier it will be to remove. Tough stains such as wine can even be removed easily if you act quickly. The longer the stain remains on the carpet the deeper it will sink into it.
  5. Using liquid too quickly.
    Some spots should be removed dry. For example, toner and mud will only be made worse if you get them wet. Allow them to dry and vacuum them thoroughly and they will come out easily.
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