Toilet Cleaning Tips &Tools

Nobody likes to clean a toilet but it is something that must get done. It is one of those chores that if you put it off, it will be far worse to do in the future. Still, we want to minimize the work involved so here are some tips and tools to make the job easier.

Toilet Cleaning Tips

  • Clean it Often.
    If you clean your toilet on a regular basis, it will be a much easier task. If you wait too long, you will turn a one minute easy job into a half an hour chore.
  • Use Quality Cleaners.
    You do not want to skimp on bathroom cleaners. Buy quality, name brand cleaners. The use of quality cleaners means that you can let the chemicals do the work with less elbow grease.
  • Shut Off the Water.
    If your toilet is heavily soiled, you may need to shut off the water and flush the toilet to drain it. This will allow you to use more concentrated chemicals and prevent the toilet water from diluting it.
  • Replace Your Toilet Brush Regularly.
    When you think about what your toilet brush encounters during its life, it just makes sense to replace it often.
  • Denture Cleaning Tabs.
    To save some elbow grease, you can throw a few denture cleaning tabs into the toilet and let them do the work.

Toilet Cleaning Tools

  • Toilet Cleaning Brush
    The basic tool in any toilet cleaning pros arsenal is a good toilet brush. Replace it often to keep it from getting too funky.
  • Disposable Cleaning Brushes
    If you do not want to deal with reusing the same brush, you can purchase a disposable brush system. These brushes have disposable cleaning heads.
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaning Gel
    A good toilet bowl cleaner in a gel form with bleach is crucial. Choose a name brand product in gel form so that it sticks to the toilet walls.
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