Remote Control Cleaning

Remote controls are exposed to quite a bit of filth. Just think about how many people are touching it on a daily basis. Unless everyone is washing their hands immediately before touching the remote, they are leaving behind a little gift with every channel change. Because of this, you want to clean your remote control from time to time. Here is how you can do it.
First, you want to remove the batteries. This will help prevent any possible damage to electronics if the circuit board were to get wet with fluid. Now would probably also be a good time to just go ahead and change the batteries.
Next, you want to get a few cotton swabs, a cotton cloth and some rubbing alcohol. Moisten the cotton swabs with alcohol and clean the buttons and the area around the buttons. Then, clean the crack on the side of the remote where the two sides join together with your cotton swabs and alcohol. Finally, take a clean cloth, moistened with alcohol and wipe down the rest of the remote.
Lastly, you can replace the batteries and put the remote control back to use. Clean your reote like this at least once a month to keep it looking god and to keep it sanitary,

Remote Cleaning Tips

  • Avoid the use of water. Water can damage the result if it reaches the wiring and circuit boards of the remote.
  • Avoid the urge to disassemble your remote. It might seem like a good idea but you might not get it back together again.
  • Can’t clean a remote, use a large baggie. If you have a remote you can’t clean, such as a hotel room remote, place it in a baggie. You will avoid touching the grimy remote and can still use it.
  • Keep remote controls off of tables to prevent the risk of drinks being spilled on them.
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