Window Screen Cleaning

You might not think about them much, but your window screens are subject to quite a bit of soiling. Every time the wind blows, soil and dirt is deposited on your screens. Over time, they can become very dirty and even start to obstruct your views. No problem though because they are quite easy to clean.
First, you need to remove the screens so that you can properly clean them. Be careful not to bend the screen frames which are generally made of very bendable aluminum. Place them in a safe place away from traffic to prevent them from being damaged.
Once you have the screen removed, hook up a garden hose and rinse the screens. Remove as much of the loose soil as possible.
Now, get a soft scrub brush and a bucket and fill it with soapy water. Use a mild hand dish washing soap such as Dawn or Joy. Dip the brush in this solution and scrub both sides of the screen. Don’t forget to give the frames a once over.
Next, take your garden hose and rinse off the screens. Be sure to not leave any soapy residue behind as this could attract soil and cause the screens to get dirty faster. Place the screens in a dry area and allow them to dry fully before reinstalling them.

Screen Cleaning Tips

  • While the screens are out, take the opportunity to clean the windows themselves. Be sure to clean the tracks where the screens will attach.
  • Do not place screens in high traffic areas where they could fall and be stepped on. Screens are easy to damage.
  • Keep track of which window each screen belongs to. Not all screens will be the same size.
  • When working on second floor or higher screens, have a helper on hand for safety.
  • Pick a cloudy day to clean your springs. Sunny days will be more difficult because the soap will dry too fast.


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