Toilet Bowl Brush Cleaning

If you had to pick one cleaning tool in your home that was the dirtiest, it would have to be the toilet bowl brush. After all, just think about what it has to clean. So, how can you clean your toilet brush so that it does not contribute to odor problems in your bathroom? It is quite easy to do so let us get started.
First, you are going to want to collect the needed supplies. You probably have all of them in your home. You will need bleach and a small bucket. Take you bucket and fill it half way with water. Enough water so that the brush head will be completely submersed. Now, add a cup of bleach and mix the solution with your toilet brush. Leave the brush in the bucket and let it soak for a few hours. This will give the bleach time to work.
While the brush is soaking, you will want to clean the toilet brush holder if you have one. Place the holder in the sink and wash it off with soap and water. Rinse the holder and dry it with paper towels.
When a few hours have elapsed, remove the brush and rinse it with clean water. Be careful not to drip any bleach on textiles as it can easily cause damage. Return the toilet brush to its holder and you are done.
Of course, this might be a lot of effort to spend on an easily replaceable tool. Perhaps a better option would be to simply replace the brush altogether every month or two.

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