Refrigerator Cleaning Service

Your refrigerator is probably the most used and often the most neglected appliance in your home. Think about how many times a day you and your family go to your fridge for something. Now, think about the last time you cleaned it. It has probably been some time. Let’s clean that refrigerator up and have a healthy place to store your food. Here is how to do it.
Step 1: First, you need to remove all of the food from the refrigerator and freezer. Store your more perishable items in a cooler full of ice. Take this time to also dispose of food that has past its prime. You might be amazed at what you find in there so be prepared.
Step 2: Now, you will remove all of the shelves and drawers and set them aside. You will clean them later. If you have glass shelves, you need them to first warm to room temperature before you clean them to prevent them from cracking when they come into contact with hot water.
Step 3: Get a small bucket and fill it with water and a teaspoon of mild detergent. Take a rag soaked in the soapy water and wipe down the inside of the refrigerator, working from the top to the bottom. Rinse the rag often. Difficult stains may require the use of a soft bristled brush. Be careful not to scratch or gouge the surface.
Step 4: Next, take the same soapy water mixture and wipe down the exterior of the refrigerator. Pay special attention to the rubber gasket that surrounds the door. If you have a stainless fridge, use a stainless steel cleaner or Windex to keep it shiny.
Step 5: By now, the shelves should have warmed up so we can safely clean them in the kitchen sink. Use a soapy rag or a soft bristled brush to clean them being careful to get into every crack and crevice. Dry them thoroughly and place them back into the refrigerator.
Step 6: Finally, you can replace the food. Have a soapy rag handy while you do this to wipe down any food containers that might be sticky such as jelly jars or ketchup bottles. You do not want to resoil your fridge right away.

Quick Tips

  • A box of baking soda left int he refrigerator will help keep odors away.
  • Some refrigerators have drip pans under them that will need periodic cleaning. They can normally be accessed by removing the front lower grate.
  • Toothpaste can be used to remove some tough stains from a fridge.
  • To keep an empty fridge’s compressor from cycling too much, add a few gallons of water. This will help to stabilize the temperature.
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