Recliner Cleaning

Reclining chairs can be quite comfortable and are therefore one of the most commonly used pieces of furniture in a living room or den. Because of this, they become much dirtier than most of the other furniture in your home. They will require more frequent cleaning and a more thorough cleaning. Here is how your recliner should be cleaned.
First, your recliner should be thoroughly examined to determine the best method of cleaning. In most cases, this will be steam cleaning. Most reclining chairs are made of very durable materials that can be safely cleaned with a steam cleaning machine. If this is the case, this is the method that should be used because it is the most effective. Some chairs may need a more delicate approach however. In these cases, dry cleaning or low moisture cleaning may be the correct way to proceed. Your upholstery cleaning technician will examine the chair content and construction to determine the best method of cleaning.
Next, your recliner will be thoroughly vacuumed to remove dry soil. This is important because dry soil is easier to clean than wet and muddy soil. Your cleaning technician should dry vacuum all of the surfaces of the chair. If you have pets, they should pay special attention to removing pet hair which is much easier to remove when it is dry.
After a good vacuuming, your cleaning technician should apply a pre treatment to the recliner. The cleaner should be agitated and then allowed to dwell for a few minutes. The dwell time gives the cleaner time to break down and absorb soil.
Finally, the pre treatment is extracted or rinsed. If using the steam cleaning method, the upholstery cleaner will extract the recliner with hot water. If using a dry cleaning method, the cleaner might use dry cleaning solvent or even foam. They should be thorough and make overlapping strokes so as not to miss any soil.
To finish everything off, the chair is allowed to dry before being put back to use. In most cases, when a chair is steam cleaned, it will be dry in just a few hours. If your cleaner has used solvent, it may need to dry for 24 hours for complete evaporation of the solvent.

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