Love Seat Cleaning

Love seats come in a variety of different materials. They can be made of synthetic fibers or natural ones and the construction of the material can vary greatly. Likewise, the dyes used in these materials will vary greatly.  To successfully clean a love seat, the materials content, dyes  and construction must be taken into account. This is why you should not, in most cases, attempt to clean your upholstery yourself. It takes years of experience to know how to clean upholstered furniture the right way. Here is how a professional cleaner will clean your love seat.

Love Seat Analysis

First, they will examine the fiber content. A sample will generally be obtained from the material and it can then be burn tested. The way it burns will reveal what it is made of. For example, if it burns slowly and leaves a gray ash, it is cotton. If it burns quickly like a fuse and leaves no ash, it is rayon. Every material burns differently and can be identified by a knowledgeable cleaning technician.
Next, your cleaner will look at the construction of the material used to make your love seat. Different construction methods need to be handled in different fashions. For example, a material might show a dot of red thread on the surface. What you may not realize is that this red thread runs the entire length of the fabric on the underside. Care must be taken with this red thread to prevent it from bleeding through.
Finally, your cleaner will look at the dye stability of the material. They will take the cleaner that they intend to use and test it on a hidden area. They will make sure that the dye is stable and does not bleed.

Love Seat Cleaning

Once they have taken everything into consideration, your technician will determine the best method of cleaning. This might be traditional wet cleaning, dry cleaning using solvents or foam cleaning. They might even determine that the piece can not be safely cleaned at all and must only be vacuumed.

Love Seat Cleaning Tips

  • To increase the time between cleanings, be sure to vacuum your upholstery often.
  • If your cushions are double sided, be sure to rotate and flip them often to spread out the wear.
  • Consult a carpet cleaner before attempting to spot clean your upholstery.
  • Test any cleaner you intend to use first on a hidden area.
  • Protector application can extend the time between professional cleanings.
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