How To Remove Blood Stains From Carpet

Accidents happen. From time to time you might accidentally cut your finger or hit your head and get a little blood on the carpet. When this happens, you need to know how to properly spot clean your carpet. Of course if you have a good deal of blood to deal with, spot cleaning is the least of your worries. Deal with the situation and call a professional to deal with the stain later. Here is how to clean a few blood spots from your carpet.
Cold Water: You want to avoid using spotters or hot water which can set the spot in. Get some cool water on a white cotton towel and blot the spot. Be sure to blot the spot and do not rub. Rubbing will damage the texture of the carpet. Also, work from the outside of the spot towards the center. This will keep the spot from spreading.
Peroxide: After you have removed as much of the blood as possible with cold water, you can turn to peroxide. Pour a little peroxide directly on the spot and allow it to foam up. Immediately blot up the peroxide with a clean cotton towel. Repeat several times if necessary.
Ammonia: Mix one tablespoon of household ammonia in a cup of cold water. Be careful not to inhale the ammonia, use it in a well ventilated area. Using a white cotton towel, blot the spot working from the outside towards the center. Do not rub the spot and continue blotting until no stain transfers to the cloth.

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