How to clean oil from a concrete driveway.

Nothing ruins the appearance of a concrete driveway more than an oil stain. They are unsightly and also happen to be very difficult to remove. This is due to the porous nature of concrete that makes it readily absorb soil. And what kind of soil can be worse than greasy motor oil? Read along and learn some ways that you can remove or at least improve the appearance of a motor oil stain on your concrete driveway.
Absorption: This is the easiest way to remove motor oil from concrete. It will not remove it completely but it will remove the majority of the oil. It is also the first step in any other removal methods. Simply pour an absorbent compound on the oil and allow it to be absorbed. They make special compounds designed to remove oil, but in a pinch you can use kitty litter, sand, cornstarch or baking soda. After the oil has been absorbed into the absorbent compound, simply sweep it up and properly dispose of it. You should repeat this process at least two times to remove as much oil as possible.
Coca Cola: First, use the absorption method listed above to remove the majority of the oil. Now, take a bottle of room temperature Coca Cola and pour it on the oil spot. Scrub the spot with a stiff bristled brush and then rinse. Repeat this process several times if necessary. Pepsi works as well, but I prefer Coke.
Simple Green: Begin by using the absorption method listed above to remove the majority of oil. Now, pour simple green generously on the spot. Simple Green is a strong degreaser commonly available at Amazon. Allow the Simple Green to soak for several minutes and then vigorously scrub the spot with a stiff bristled brush. Rinse the area thoroughly and repeat if necessary.
Pour N Restore: Start by absorbing as much of the oil as possible with an absorbent compound. Now, obtain a bottle of Pour N Restore. Look on Amazon. Simply pour the liquid compound onto the oil spot and allow it to dry. As it drys, the compound will absorb and pull out the oil from your concrete. It will dry into a powder form and can then be swept up and properly disposed of.

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