How To Clean A Mattress

Mattress Cleaning CompanyWe spend a great deal of time on our mattresses. If you simply do the math, we spend thousands of hours a year on our mattress. Despite this fact, we probably do not spend near enough time thinking about cleaning it. Sure, you change the sheets on a regular basis but what about the mattress itself. It is full of dead skin cells and dust mites. Why not take a little time and clean that mattress? Here is how you can do it.
The first thing that you need to do is thoroughly vacuum your mattress. Use a vacuum or shop vac with a good HEPA filter to avoid contaminating the air. Using your vacuum hose and upholstery attachment vacuum the top and sides of the mattress. Go slowly and be sure to overlap your vacuum strokes so that you do not miss anything. When you are done with the mattress, flip it up and vacuum the box spring.
Steam Cleaning
If you have a home steam cleaner, you can do a great job cleaning your mattress. Fill the machine with your cleaning solution and begin steam cleaning your mattress. Just like with the vacuuming, be sure to overlap your strokes so that you do not miss anything. Do not forget to get the sides of the mattress. When you are finished, let the mattress dry fully before putting a sheet on it and putting it back to use.
Low Moisture Cleaning
If you do not have a home steam cleaner, you can still do a fairly good job of cleaning your mattress with a spray bottle, some cotton towels and white distilled vinegar. Vinegar is a good cleaner and a natural disinfectant. In your spray bottle, mix one part white vinegar with three parts water. Now, lightly spray your mattress with the solution. Do not soak it. Allow the solution to dwell for a minute and then wipe it up with the towels. Repeat if necessary but be careful not to over wet the mattress. Allow the mattress to fully dry before putting it back to use or putting a sheet on it.
Spot Cleaning
If you have any leftover stains after your cleaning, you can use hydrogen peroxide to clean it. Lightly spray it on the spot and blot it up with a cotton towel.

Mattress Cleaning Tips

  • To remove mattress odors, sprinkle baking soda on a dry mattress. Let it sit overnight and then vacuum the baking soda up.
  • A mattress cover can help protect your mattress and keep it clean longer.
  • On a nice day, a little sunlight can do wonders for mattress odor. Let your mattress sit in the sun for a few hours.
  • For heavy urine stains, you may need to use an enzyme cleaner to treat the mattress. Available at most pet stores, enzyme cleaners contain enzymes that will digest the urine.
  • Make your mattress last longer by flipping it or rotating it every few months.
  • Wash your sheets at least once a week to keep your mattress cleaner.
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