Dining Room Chair Cleaning

Dining room chairs are typically a very fancy piece of furniture. They reside in formal dining rooms that are not used on a daily basis. Because they are not used as often, they can be made of more delicate materials such as polished cottons. These materials look good but they can be difficult to clean. When your dining chairs become soiled, you have to turn to a professional upholstery cleaner. Here is how they should clean your chairs.
The very first thing that the cleaning technician will do is examine the chair. They will test the material for fabric content, determine the construction of the fabric and look at the level of soiling that is present. They will use all of this information to determine the best method of cleaning. In most cases, this will be a low moisture cleaning or a dry cleaning using solvents.
After determining the best method of cleaning, your technician will vacuum the chairs. This will remove dry soil that would otherwise be difficult to remove once dampened.
Next, your dining chair will be sprayed with a pre-treatment. The pre-treatment will loosen soil and absorb it. To help break down the soil, they may also lightly agitate the material with a soft synthetic or horsehair brush.
Finally, the technician will extract the pre-treatment either with solvent or with a low moisture foam. The dining chair is then left to dry before it is allowed to be put back to use.

Dining Chair Cleaning Tips

  • A solvent based protector can be applied to your chairs after cleaning to make them harder to soil.
  • If your cleaner uses solvent, you may need to wait at least 24 hours before putting them back to use.
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