Commercial Window Cleaning

When you look up at those big high rise commercial buildings, you often see a huge wall of glass. Have you ever given thought to how all of those windows get cleaned? Well, the building management company will turn to a company that offers commercial window cleaning. Commercial window cleaning can be quite different than residential cleaning because of the scale of the job.Here is a little information on how all of these windows are cleaned inside and out.
Interior Commercial Window Cleaning
The interior windows are not terribly difficult to clean but they must be handled differently than windows at home because of the scale of the cleaning project. Take a bottle of Windex and some paper towels, as you would at home, and it would take a year to clean all of those windows. Your commercial cleaner will usually employ the bucket and squeegee method. They will take a bucket full of window cleaner and wipe the window with a sponge. Then, they will squeegee the window off to remove the majority of the moisture. To finish it off, they will take a dry rag and wipe down the window. Using this method, a cleaner can clean windows incredibly fast.
Exterior Commercial Window Cleaning
Exterior windows are much harder to clean because of the height involved. To clean them, the cleaners will have to use lift equipment, extra long ladders, window cleaning rigs or will have to repel down the sides of the building. Workers who clean the exterior windows will typically have to be certified to do so because of the safety risks. The cleaning itself is similar to interior cleaning and will involve a bucket, sponge and a squeegee. They will wipe the window down with the sponge and then squeegee off the water.

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