Cleaning A Hair Brush

Hairbrushes can get quite messy over time. One day it is new and shiny and then a few months later, it looks like birds have made a home in it. Don’t throw it out, lets clean it instead. Here is how you can clean your hairbrush in just a few easy steps.
First, you want to get a few things. You will need a trash can,  some shampoo, a comb and of course, your dirty hair brush. Gather all of these things and bring them into your bathroom.
Now, take your hair brush and pull out as much of the hair as you can by hand. You should be able to get out at least 80 percent of it with a little perseverance. To get the rest of the hair, wet the brush with water and apply some of your shampoo. This should loosen the tangles. Now, take your comb and clean the brush bristles, removing the remaining hair. Give the brush a final rinse and then set it aside to dry.
This might seem like a lot of work to save a simple brush, but why throw something away just because it is dirty. Not to mention, many brushes these days can cost $10 to $20.

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