Chewing Gum On Carpet

If you have kids, you will at some point probably wind up with chewing gum in your carpet. They will either chew the gum and and drop it on the floor or will simply track it in from outside. Either way, you have it in your carpet and you want it out. Here is how you can remove the gum.

The Ice Cube Method

The ice cube method involves freezing the gum so that it is easier to work with. Cold gum will stick together and can more easily be removed. Simply take an ice cube and hold it against the gum. After about one minute, it will become hard enough that you can work with it. Lift the gum up, working from the edge towards the center. Be careful not to pull up any carpet fibers in the process. A dull instrument such as a spoon can be used to make this easier. When you are finished, clean up any residue with a mild dish soap solution (1 tablespoon mild dish soap in a quart of water).

Solvent Method

Solvents can be used to remove gum easily because they remove the stickiness of the chewing gum. You should be able to find a solvent that is safe for carpet at your local home improvement store. Simply apply the solvent to a cotton towel and dab the spot. You will see that the gum begins to loosen from the carpet and it can be easily removed by hand. Be careful not to use too much solvent because it can damage your carpet backing. When you are finished, remove the solvent residue from your carpet with your mild dish soap solution (1 tablespoon mild dish soap in a quart of water).

Chewing Gum Removal Tips

  • Never use these methods on gum stuck in hair.
  • Use solvents in a well ventilated area.
  • Do not overuse solvents because they can damage carpet backing
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