Bamboo Floor Cleaning

Bamboo floors have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Like other types of wood floors, they add character to a room but unlike many types of wood floors, they are environmentally responsible. This is because bamboo grows very quickly so it is quickly replenished. Bamboo is also an incredibly hard surface which means that they are incredibly durable and easy to clean. Here is some basic information on cleaning a bamboo wood floor.
Sweeping is very important for all wood floors and bamboo is no different. Use a soft bristled broom or a cotton dust mop to sweep your floors at least every other day although daily would be better. Bamboo floors can collect quite a bit of dust quickly, especially if you have pets. If you allow it to remain on the floor, foot traffic will grind it into the surface which will damage it over time. Don’t have time to sweep? Consider an automatic floor sweeping robot like the Roomba.
If you need to remove stains from the floor, use a towel soaked in an approved bamboo floor cleaner. Do not use a regular mop because you do not want to over wet the floor. If you apply too much moisture, the edges of the floor can raise and the floor planks could warp. The towel or mop you use should be only slightly wet and you should not allow the cleaner to puddle.

Bamboo Floor Cleaning Tips

  • You should not wax a bamboo floor. Use only wax free cleaners.
  • Use rugs and runners to protect your floors from wear.
  • Always use felt pads under the legs of furniture that will be sitting on your bamboo floor.
  • Never push furniture across your bamboo floor.
  • Keep your pets nails trimmed to prevent scratches.
  • Above all else, follow manufacturers instructions when cleaning your floor.
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