Auto Dealership Cleaning

Have you ever thought about what goes into keeping an auto dealership clean? There is quite a bit to it. After all, an auto dealership has everything that is in your home but on a grander scale. There are bathrooms, kitchen areas, break rooms, windows, tile, natural stone and many other surfaces, all of which need regular cleaning because of the high level of traffic. Here is more information on what exactly is involved in auto dealership cleaning.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Dealerships will need the hard surfaces cleaned once or twice a week. With the number of visitors traveling through the dealership, this is the minimum that they should be cleaned. Specialty surfaces such as natural stone will need to also be polished on a regular basis. Surfaces like polished concrete may need a regular waxing to maintain their shine if they have not been sealed with a polyurethane coating.

Bathroom Cleaning

Depending on the traffic level at a dealership, they might need daily or bi weekly cleaning of restrooms. Restroom sanitation is very important because a dirty restroom can be very off-putting to potential customers.

Carpet Cleaning

The use of carpet is less common in today’s dealership. It can be a challenge keeping a carpet clean in a high traffic building like a car dealership. Carpet has also been replaced by more high end materials like travertine and marble. To maintain dealership carpet, it should be vacuumed at least twice a week although nightly might be required in high traffic buildings. Monthly carpet cleaning will typically also be required to remove spots and stains.

Window Cleaning

Clean windows can make a dealership far more attractive. They will typically need to be cleaned on a weekly basis to remove smudges and basic soil. Outside windows may be cleaned less frequently.

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