Trash Can Cleaning

The trash can is perhaps one of he nastiest items in our home. Just think about what you are putting into it every day and you might cringe to think about how dirty it can get. Even if you use the best garbage bags, some waste will wind up in the can. This means that you must regularly clean your trash or garbage can. Here is how you can do this easily and effectively.
First, let’s gather all of the needed supplies. You will need some old clothes to wear, rubber gloves, bleach, dish soap , a scrub brush and a garden hose. If the garbage can is small, you can skip using the hose and simply use your bath tub or sink. Now that you have the supplies, we can begin.
Change Clothes: Change into some old clothes so that you do not get your nice clothing dirty or stained. Bleach can easily cause damage to clothing with the slightest drip or splash. Put your gloves on to protect your hands from the soil and the cleaners.
Empty The Can: Begin the actual cleaning by emptying out the can of anything that might have gotten into it. Dump it into a trash bag and dispose of it properly.
Wash The Can: Now, take your garden hose or faucet and rinse out the interior of the can.  Loosen and flush away anything that you can get out easily. Then add a fed drops of dish soap to the garbage can along with some water. Using your scrub brush, scrub away any stubborn soil. Don’ forget the outside of the can and the lid.  Finally, rinse the can thoroughly to remove the soap and soil.
Sanitize The Can: Your next step is to sanitize the can with bleach and water. Fill the can half way with water and add some bleach. Allow the can to sit for 30 minutes to an hour and then empty the can. Rinse it to remove any bleach residue. Be careful not to spill any bleach on clothing or nearby textiles.
Dry The Can: Lastly, you need to dry the can off so that you can put it back to use. You have many options here. You can let it air dry, place it out in the sun or dry it with towels or paper towels. Do not place a bag back into the garbage can until you have allowed it to dry.

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