Terracotta Roof Cleaning

One of the best types of roofs to put on your home is a Terra Cotta or Terracotta roof. It is  both beautiful and durable but it is not maintenance free. Over time, your roof can become soiled with grime and dirt. When it does, you need to clean it or have it cleaned professionally.
Do It Yourself Cleaning
If you have a lot of free time and some knowledge, this might be a good alternative for you. Keep in mind though that working on a roof is dangerous, especially when a roof is wet and even more slippery. Also, Terracotta tiles are fragile and can be easily damaged if you step on them the wrong way.
There are two main ways to clean a Terracotta roof. You can do it by hand or with a pressure washer. Cleaning it by hand will be very thorough and will yield great results but it is very time consuming and dangerous. It will require you to be on the roof for an extended period of time in slippery conditions which is dangerous for you and the roof. The best method is to power wash the roof. This will allow you to clean the roof in a fraction of the time with much less manual labor.
First, you will need to set up your ladder so that you can safely access your roof and move your equipment up. A helper is recommended for safety. They can assist you with moving equipment up to the roof and can stabilize the ladder for you.
Next, you want to test the pressure washer by spraying it for a few seconds on a small part of the roof. Spray it for about ten seconds and then examine the roof for signs of damage. You should only proceed if you detect no damage to the tile.  Use the lowest effective pressure setting to avoid damage to the roof.
If it is safe to proceed, you can begin by going to the farthest point of the roof and cleaning in small sections. Clean one section, working form the top down. When you are finished, back up and clean the section that you were just standing on. This is to avoid having to stand on a wet and slippery roof.
When you are down to the last section of roof, take a break and wait for everything to dry. Once the roof is dry, you can stand on a clean section and clean the final portion of the roof. Do not ever stand on a wet section of roof.
Professional Cleaning
Perhaps the best solution to Terracotta roof cleaning is to simply hire a professional. There are several advantages to hiring a professional service. For starters, they will have far more experience cleaning this type of expensive roof. This will ensure that the job is done safely and effectively. Pros will also be able to do the job much faster than the average do it yourselfer. Finally, the cost might not be as much as you think because of the equipment you would need to purchase to do it yourself. So, if you have any hesitation about cleaning the roof yourself, you might be better off turning to a professional service.

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