How to remove paint from a tree.

Sometimes paint can wind up on a tree. In most cases it is from spray paint either willingly or accidentally applied. The paint will not harm the tree in most cases but it can be an eyesore. But how do you remove the paint from the tree without harming it. Most solvents or aggressive removal attempts will likely damage the tree so you must be careful. here is a little advice.
Time: If possible, the best thing to do is let the paint be. A tree will shed its bark slowly as it grows. Eventually, the paint will disappear. This can however take a number of years so it may be something that you will just have to live with. The good news is that the paint will get lighter every month.
Agitation: In the case of graffiti or some kind of vandalism, you might not be able to give it time. In these cases, you can try a little agitation with a wire brush or sandpaper. You must be careful not to take off too much of the bark however. Lightly sand or brush the area removing just a little of the bark without penetrating it. It is not worth damaging the tree for quick results.
More Paint: Seems contrary to the goal but if ll else fails, you could paint over the unwanted paint with trunk paint. This would be a safe and easy way to cover up graffiti damage. Consider this approach for heavy spray paint of offensive graffiti.
Mud: Begin by lightly sanding the paint or lightly brushing it with a wire brush. Be careful not to go very deeply. Next make a mixture of mud and water and paint it over the painted area. Leave the mud mixture on the trunk and allow it to dry. Do not wash the mixture off. Over time it will stain the trunk, blending the painted area in.

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