Granite Counter Cleaning

Granite has become a popular style of counter across the country. No longer is it something seen only in high end luxury homes. Just about every tract home in America now comes with or has options for granite countertops. This is because people just plain like granite. It is both beautiful and extremely durable. It does however, like everything else in your home, need periodic cleaning. There are various ways that you can clean granite.
Professional Granite Counter Cleaning
The first option is to call in a professional. If you have heavy wear on your granite and it has lost its luster, you might need to turn to the professional. A professional can polish your granite countertop and then seal it. This will return it to its original luster and shine. A professional can also remove deep scratches and gouges.
Do It Yourself Granite Cleaning
The do it yourself home owner can also handle some granite cleaning duties. While heavy wear and staining might require a professional, average cleaning duties are rather easy. A simple solution of dish soap and water is a safe and effective way to clean it. Just mix up a solution in a spray bottle, mist it onto the granite and let it dwell for a minute. Wipe it up with a cotton towel or paper towels and you are done. To get rid of any haze left by the dish soap, follow this with a clean rag soaked in plain water.
Another alternative if you are nervous about your granite is to buy a granite cleaner from your local home improvement store. The price of these cleaners can add up though and opinions are mizxed as to whether they are really any safer on granite surfaces

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