How to clean vinyl fences.

Vinyl fencing has become increasingly popular over the last few years. It offers a number of advantages to home owners including longevity and ease of maintenance. More and more consumers are replacing existing fences with vinyl and many new subdivisions are going in with vinyl fences as standard. No fence is completely maintenance free though and vinyl fences are no exception. You will, from time to time, need to clean them and here is how you do it.
To clean your fence, you first need to gather some supplies. You will need a garden hose with sprayer, a bucket, a mild dish soap, a soft scrub brush and of course, some water. Gather all of your materials together and fill your bucket up with a soap and water solution.
To begin, you will spray down your fence to remove loos debris. Use your sprayer to add some punch to the water to remove some stubborn dirt.
Now, grab your bucket of soapy water and move to one end of the fence. Using your scrub brush, start cleaning the fence with your soapy water, starting from the top and working your way down. Every 10 feet or so, go back and rinse your fence off to prevent the soapy water and soil from drying on the fence.
For stubborn satins, such as grass stains, you can use a mild bleach solution. One part bleach to five parts water will work in most cases. Adjust your mixture, stronger or weaker as needed. Be careful not to get the solution on your clothing.
Grease stains can be removed with mineral stains and a rag. Following the removal, wash the area with soap and water and rinse to remove any chemical residue.

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