Mop your floors like the professionals.

These days, most homes have massive expanses of hard surfaces to clean. Still, it always amazes me just how many people are using that cheap home mop to clean with. You know the one with that little dingy sponge that gets caked with dirt in no time. It is ineffective and time consuming to mop this way. Why not step up your game and begin cleaning like the professionals.
What will you need? To begin cleaning like a professional, you will need just two things, a professional mop and a professional mop bucket like the ones pictured on this page. You can find these at many home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowes and the cost is very reasonable. Expect to pay around $50 for the bucket and $10 to $15 for the mop. The great thing about the mop, is that the mop head will be machine washable so it will last a long time.
Why are these tools better? Simple, the mop will allow you to put down and absorb more solution. It will also cover a much larger surface area than those cheap mops. The bucket will allow you to carry more solution so that the water does not get as dirty and will allow you to easily move your mop water around the house.
How to use a mop bucket and ringer. It is very simple, just fill the mop bucket to the fill line and add your floor cleaner of choice. Now dip the mop into the solution and place it into the wringer. Make sure all of the strings are in the ringer and depress the handle.
Mop bucket tips. You will love using your professional mop buckets, but there are a few tips that you might like to know. For starters, be careful when emptying and filling your bucket. You will be using much more water so try to avoid spilling it and lift with your legs. Also, plan out your route so that you start at one end of the house and end up at the other. This will prevent you from having to travel over clean areas with your bucket.

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