How to clean a shower drain.

From time to time, your shower drain will become clogged. There is no avoiding this with all of the soap residue and hair that washes down it. When it happens, most people reach for the drain cleaner but this is not the best solution. Drain cleaner often does not do the trick and this leaves you with a tub of caustic water. If it does work, the cleaner will end up in the public water supply and will have to be filtered out. Instead of using chemicals, this article will show you how to remove the clog easily with a drain snake.
If you do not already have one, run out to your hardware store and pick up a drain snake. There are two main types, ones designed for toilets, made to not scratch the porcelain, and ones designed for regular drains. For a shower drain, choose the regular one which will look similar to the one pictured on this page. I would suggest buying the longest one available so that you can cover plenty of drain.
Check prices on drain snakes.
To clear the clog, you will first remove the drain cover. Most of them will simply pull up. Be careful not to break the cover though. Now, feed the drain snake into the drain. When you come up to an obstruction and the snake will no longer feed, turn the handle and push forward. The drain snake will chew its way through the clog. you might need to repeat this process several times to remove all of the clog. After you remove the clog, test the drain for proper function and if all is well, replace the drain cover. Be sure to thoroughly dry the drain snake after using it to prevent rust.


  • A drill can be attached to most drain snakes to make it easier to break up clogs.
  • Never use a regular drain snake on a toilet because it will scratch the finish. Toilet snakes are specially designed to not scratch surfaces.
  • To prevent clogs, you can pour a pot of boiling water down a drain once a month.
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