Will Carpet Cleaning Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

This is a common question that we get. Will a professional carpet cleaning  kill bed bugs in your house? We get this question more these days because of the increasing occurrences of bed bug infestations. Yes, unfortunately these little buggers are making a comeback. So what is the answer.

Does Carpet Cleaning Kill Bed Bugs?

Kill Bed BugsUnfortunately, the answer is No, it will not. Carpet cleaners are not pest control services and a simple carpet cleaning, even if you use very hot steam cleaning will probably not cure your bed bug problem. This is because these little pests are masters at hiding. They will find cracks and crevices that will shield then from the hot steam.
To get rid of bed bugs, you have two options.

Option one is to contact a licensed pest control company who can set you up on a removal program. This could be pesticide based treatments or one of the newer heat treatments where they bring the entire temperature of your home up to kill the pests. The program used will probably depend on the extent of your problem but rest assured, the solution will not be cheap.

Option two is to kill the bed bugs yourself with one of a number of different commercially available bed bug treatments. These treatments might involve chemicals, containment devices or more.

Killing Bed Bugs Yourself

Luckily, bed bugs can be treated at the DIY level. Many people have successfully eradicated themselves for a fraction of the cost of a pest control service.

Step One: Clean Up

Ultimately, you will use some chemicals to kill the bugs but first you need to clean up. You need to throw away trash and clutter. Cleaning up eliminates places for the bed bugs to hide and lay eggs. Launder all of your bedding, scrub bed frames and any place else that you suspect bug activity. Droppings and rust colored blood spots are indicators that bed bugs have been around. The cleaner that you can get things, the better.

Step Two: Apply An Appropriate Bed Bug Killer

Now it is time to spray your bed bug insecticide. Your goal here is to apply the bug killer wherever the little boogers walk. Spray your base boards, around the legs of beds, inside dressers (not the inside of the drawer), around loose plaster, etc. Be thorough and take your time. Think like a bug.

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Step Three: Trap & Monitor Bed Bugs

Finally, you will need to monitor your progress. Set up bed bug traps on the legs of your bed. They will do multiple things for you. They will let you know how the pesticide is doing. They will further diminish the population and they will keep your beds from getting re-infested.

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