Laminate Floor Cleaning

Laminate flooring has become increasingly popular over the last decade or so for various reasons. The biggest reason is that it is affordable, giving you the look of a wood floor without all of the cost. It is also rather easy to maintain, especially when compared to carpet. Here is some advice for you on cleaning a laminate floor.
Work in small areas.  While laminate flooring is easy to clean, you do not want it to over wet it. Because of this, you should work in small areas with your cleaner and wipe it down until there is no moisture remaining. Excess moisture could cause the edges of your laminate to warp over time.
Vacuum or sweep in the direction the floor is laid.  When you vacuum your floor or sweep it, do so in the direction that the floor is laid. This will allow you to get dirt out of the crevices instead of forcing it into them.
Check with your floor warranty before cleaning.  Some manufacturers require you to use their special cleaners to maintain your warranty. Don’t take the chance of avoiding a warranty.
Lift your furniture instead of sliding it.   When cleaning under furniture, lift you furniture instead of sliding it. Laminate is durable but it can be damaged from sliding heavy furniture over it.

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