Water Heater Leak

Water leaks can quickly become a huge problem. The average water heater can put out hundreds of gallons an hour if it springs a leak. So if you end up with a water heater leak you need to handle the situation quickly.
The first thing that you need to do is shut off the water. This can be accomplished at the water tank or at the Main line outside of your home. The quickest will be the water tank so try that first. The valve will be located usually on the top of the tank where the freshwater supply enters. Turn it off and see if this stops the leak. In some cases, these valves will fail and you will have to go to the main water valve. This will be located usually outside of your home between the city’s water connection in your house. If all else fails and you cannot turn the water off you might be able to call the city to do it for you.
Now that the water is shut off, you have to deal with what has escaped into your home. Ideally you would have a water pan underneath your water heater but it is not uncommon for homes to not have these. If this is the case in your situation, you probably have hundreds of gallons of water in your home and in your carpet. Call your insurance agent for the name of a water restoration expert. If this fails to produce a good name or if you cannot contact your agent most carpet cleaners offer the service. Get them out to your home as soon as possible to extract the water. The longer it sits on your carpet in on your floors, the more damage it will do. A water restoration technician will extract all the water and place fans and dehumidifiers in your home to remove the moisture.
Finally, you can turn to the broken water tank. Call a local plumber, hopefully you have one in mind, and have your tank replaced. Most plumbers will carry extra water tanks on their trucks for emergency repairs so you should be able to get one installed the same day, if not the next day. You might also consider taking this time to upgrade to one of the newer tank with water heaters on the market. They will be less prone to leakage in the future and will save you money every day since the only heat water when it is needed.
Recovering from a water damage situation caused by water heater will take you several days to a week. The quicker you act as though, the quicker it will all be over with. So, if you’re reading this and you have a water leak, get to work. Shut off the water, call a water restoration expert and then call a plumber.

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