Skylight Cleaning

You probably do not pay too much attention to them but your homes skylights do require regular attention. By cleaning them once or twice a year, you will prevents damage from occurring to them and will keep them looking good and providing you with enjoyment for years to come. Cleaning your skylight involves both an exterior and interior cleaning.
To clean your exterior skylight you will need a bucket, a sponge, some soap and a garden hose long enough to reach the skylights with a spray attachment. You also need a ladder to reach the roof. Be careful when working on a roof and when using a ladder. Proper ladder safety is very important. Bring everything up onto the roof and begin the job by spraying off the skylight thoroughly with your hose. Now fill your bucket with soap and water and take your sponge and dip it into the solution. Clean the skylights being careful not to miss any areas. Now rents the sky like clean using your host and if necessary repeat this process to remove any stubborn spots. When you’re through, give it one last rinsing to be sure that as much residue as possible has been removed.
To clean the interior of the skylight, first begin by clearing the area underneath the light. You do not want any dirt or cleaning solution to trip on furniture or home furnishings. Place a drop cloth underneath the light and then position your ladder so that you could safely reach it. Begin with a dry towel and clean off any spiderwebs and dust that had accumulated. Now take a standard glass cleaner spray the area and wipe it clean. The inside of the skylight is generally not very soiled so it should not take you long to clean it. The majority of the work will of been the exterior of the light.
Regular cleaning of your homes skylights will prevent soil from accumulating and scratching the surface. This will keep it clean and clear for years to come. If you are nervous about working at heights or generally just do not want to clean them, you can contact a window cleaning service will be more than happy to provide this service for you for a reasonable price.

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