Resin Furniture Cleaning

Plastic furniture or furniture made with a plastic resin is very popular these days. This is because it is quite affordable and lasts for a very long time together can stand up to the elements very well. This does not mean that it does not need maintenance from time to time the. To keep your plastic or resin furniture looking its best, you should clean it often. Luckily, cleaning it is very easy and is it within the scope of any homeowner.
To clean your plastic furniture, all you will need is a garden hose with a sprayer attachment and a bucket of water with a sponge and a mild dishwashing detergent or soap. Fill your bucket with water and a tablespoon or two of your dishwashing soap. Now, spray off the furniture with your garden hose removing as much loose soil as possible. Next, dip your sponge into your bucket of soapy water and wash your furniture. Be careful to get into all of the small nooks and crannies. Finally, rents your furniture off with your hose being sure to remove as much of the soap residue as possible. This will keep them from attracting soil and will make them stay clean far longer.
If you would like to keep your plastic furniture clean longer, some people say that you can use in automotive wax. Simply apply the wax to the furniture according to the manufacturer’s directions and it should form a barrier to prevent soil from sticking. An added benefit would be that most automotive waxes have UV blockers which will slow down the deterioration of the finish of your furniture that occurs from exposure to sunlight.

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