Removing Water Spots From Shower Door

Over time, with regular use your glass shower door will probably develop spots from water. The spots are caused by minerals in the water and are worse in areas that have hard water. Removing them can be difficult but if you do it the correct way it is possible. The method that you use to remove them will depend on the severity of the problem.
If you’re spots are minor, you could probably claim them with a solution of vinegar and water. Mix a one to one solution of white distilled vinegar and tap water. Spray the spots on the glass door and allow the solution to dwell for a second before wiping it clean. Repeat several times if necessary.
If your problem with water spots is more severe, you will need to use a commercial cleaning products designed to remove mineral deposits. One such product is C L R. They are commonly available at most home improvement and even grocery stores. A word of warning though, these solutions are often highly acidic so be sure to wear some rubber gloves for protection. Follow the directions on the bottle, but in general you will spray the solution on your shower door, allowed to dwell and then rinse it off.
The old expression, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure comes into play with water spots on glass shower doors. One way to prevent them is to keep the squeegee in your shower. After using the shower, squeegee off the glass door to remove the water. If you do not allow water to dry on the door the minerals will not be deposited there. Follow this up with a regular cleaning using vinegar and water and you will prevent an accumulation of deposits.

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