Removing Stains From Unfinished Wood

If you have the misfortune of getting a stain on a piece of unfinished wood, you will soon realize that removing it is not an easy task. Wood is very absorbent and will quickly sucked in whatever stain is applied to it. Still, it might be possible to save your unfinished wood product.
Basically the only way that you can remove the stain from an unfinished piece of wood is to sand the stain off. Hopefully the stain in question has not penetrated deeply into the wood. Before you begin trying to remove the stain, you need to gather your materials. You will need a fine grit sandpaper and a clean cotton towel.
Lightly sand the material for a few seconds and then pause to examine the work. Between standing attempts, wipe the piece down with your cotton towel and see if the stain remains. Repeat this process until no more of the stain remains visible or until further standing will damage the piece. Be careful not to stand too deeply which could ruin your piece of unfinished wood flooring or furniture or other object.
Hopefully, the stain is now gone and you have learned a valuable lesson. Now is the time to protect your piece of unfinished wood to prevent further stains from occurring. If you like the look of an unfinished wood, you can consider applying a shellac that’s has a satin or a flat finish. This will give you a similar appearance but will allow the peace to not be stained as easily.

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