Garbage Disposal Cleaning

Garbage disposals, over time can develop quite an odor. After all, their main job is disposing of leftover food so what are they supposed to smell like. Luckily, removing this odor and cleaning your garbage disposal is quite easy. Here are a couple methods that you can use to clean your garbage disposal and finally get rid of those pesky odors.
One way to clean your disposal is to use lemon peels and ice. Simply place a few ice cubes in the disposal along with some lemon peels and turned the water on along with the disposal. Allow it to run for 30 seconds or so and then turn everything off. You should find that the disposal is much fresher smelling. Perform this procedure once every couple of weeks to maintain your disposal and keep odors away.
Another way to clean your disposal is to use some of the commercially available garbage disposal cleaners. These work great and do a wonderful job of both clearing debris from your disposal and of eliminating odors. To use them, follow the directions on the product that you buy. Generally, however, you will place a few of the cleaning capsules in the garbage disposal and turn the water on along with the power switch. You will run it for a minute or so until the product has done its job. You will then run freshwater through the drain to clear the cleaner and will be left with a fresh smelling garbage disposal.
Regular maintenance of your garbage disposal will keep voters from building up and will leave you with a healthier and more enjoyable kitchen. Whether you choose the cheap approach or whether you buy commercial garbage disposal cleaners, be sure to clean your disposal at least once a month to maintain it.

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