Fast Drying Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can be a major hassle. You have to invite a company into your home, move all the furniture and then wait for it to dry. Your home will basically be at a stand still until the carpet is dry and ready to use again. For this reason, many people choose to put off carpet cleaning as long as possible. This is a mistake though because it can lead to a carpet that wears out prematurely and can diminish your enjoyment of your home. If you want to get your carpet cleaned on a regular basis with the minimal amount of hassle, you need to use a carpet cleaning company that does a form of fast drying carpet cleaning. There are several ways that a company can accomplish this. Here are the two most common.
One way that carpet cleaning companies choose to go when they desire to offer a fast drying carpet cleaning process is to offer a dry cleaning. There are many forms of dry carpet cleaning. There is a bonnet cleaning, dry powder cleaning, encapsulation, foam cleaning, etc. etc. The methods are similar in that they all use a minimum of moisture. In most cases, the company that uses a dry cleaning method will use between one and 3 gallons of water to clean. This allows the carpet to dry in under one hour in most cases. The problem with this form of fast drying carpet cleaning is that’s with such low levels of moisture being used, there is little soil removed. Dry carpet cleaning is not the preferred method of carpet cleaning for this reason. It might make the carpet look marginally better, but it does not do near the job that hot water extraction will do. Still, if you must have a carpet dry and less than an hour it is one alternative.
The next way to get a fast drying carpet cleaning is a much better solution. Many hot water extraction companies do offer carpet cleaning that is drying in only 1 to 2 hours. They can accomplish such fast drying in several ways. For starters, they will use a truckmounted carpet cleaning system which produces higher heat and higher levels of vacuum. This is critical because it will allow them to remove as much water as possible from your home right away. To further enhance the drying, they will use drying fans. Powerful carpet fans can jumpstart the drying time dramatically. Using a combination of high-powered machinery and drying fans, most companies can offer you a fast drying carpet cleaning that is both convenient and thorough. If you need a fast drying carpets and can wait 1 to 2 hours this is the best method to choose.
As you can see, carpet cleaning does not have to be an all day ordeal. You can find a fast drying carpet cleaning company but you will have to do your research. Not all companies offer this service.

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