Discount Carpet Cleaning

When looking for carpet cleaning, most people start by looking at price. After all, most people know little to nothing about the carpet cleaning industry and carpet cleaning methods so why not shop for price. All carpet cleaners are, after all, the same right? Well, this is really not true because in the carpet cleaning industry the difference between a bad carpet cleaner in a good carpet cleaner is huge. So that discount carpet cleaning that you are searching for might end up costing you more than you think.
The truth is, that carpet cleaners who promote themselves by being the cheapest or having the most discounted prices are generally the worst. They cannot advertise their quality, and they cannot depend on repeat business because they are not good carpet cleaners. All they can do is offer a cheap price hoping to get into your home. Once inside your home, they will do everything possible to try to raise the price. This is called bait and switch. They beat you with a cheap price and then once they get in your home they switch you to a much more expensive one.
So, you might be wondering how they intend to trick you into paying more. They have a set price, right? Well, what they will tell you in your home is that the price quoted on the coupon or over the phone was for basic extraction. It does not include preconditioning or pre-sprays. They might charge $10 per room to clean your carpet, but they charge $.25 per square foot to precondition. For the average room, this adds roughly $40. So now, you are up to $50 per room and to clean your entire house is now going to cost you $300 when you thought it would be $60.
If, on the other hand, you had chosen a normal priced carpet cleaning from a reputable company you would probably have only paid half of that. In addition, you would have received a much better carpet cleaning because that’s reputable carpet cleaning company cares about their image. They are not in it for the quick buck, instead they are looking for return business.
So, in conclusion, to not look for a discount carpet cleaning company but instead look for a good carpet cleaning company. A good carpet cleaning company will charge a fair price and will not sell themselves based on their cheapness.

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