Butcher Block Counter Cleaning

Butcher block counters are very popular item in today’s kitchens. They can prove troublesome though when it comes time to cleaning them. If you have a butcher block counter with some stains or just want to know how to properly clean it, keep reading. This article will tell you how to clean protect and remove stains from your butcher block counter.
For basic cleaning, although you will need is a little soap and water and a sponge. A mild dish soap works well. In a bucket, mix one or 2 tablespoons of your mild dish soap with water and apply it using a clean sponge. After clean the counters, rinse your sponge again in plain water and wipe it down again to remove residue.
For more difficult stains, extra steps will be required. Start by scraping off any material that is on the surface with the dull instrument such as a spatula. Be careful not to gouge the wooden surface of your counter. Take some 60 grit sandpaper and lightly sand the surface. The use of a sanding block or sure that you do not on evenly sand the counter creating a depression. Work slowly, so that you do not send off more material than is necessary. After you have removed the stain, switch to a 100 grit and then a 200 grit paper. This should leave the service even and remove any fine scratches.
After cleaning your countertop, you need to protect it so that future stains will be prevented. To do this, apply a mineral oil designed for use on wooden butcher block counters. Reapply this mineral solution often to keep your counter protected.

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