Best Way To Clean Carpet

If you are considering having your carpets cleaned in your home or office, you might be wondering what is the best method to use. Every carpet cleaner out there will tell you that theirs is the best but how do you know. Without industry experience, they can be hard to sort through the hype and find out which really is the correct method.
The very best method to use to clean your carpet, is truckmounted steam cleaning. There are a variety of reasons that this is the best method and I will get into them in a second. Proof that this is the best method is that it is the most common method, one of the most expensive methods to use for companies and is the method recommended by most carpet Mills. Not convinced yet, here are a few more reasons that this is the best way to clean your carpet.
It has the best flushing action. To remove soil from your carpet, you need to flush it with water. There is no good dry way to clean your carpet and still remove soil. You can make your carpet look better with dry cleaning methods but nothing beats Flushing 50 gallons of water through your carpet. It removes the most soil guaranteed.
Truckmounted machines are more powerful. Truckmounted carpet cleaning machines produce higher heat, higher pressure and higher vacuum. This gives them the ability to flush high amounts of water through your carpet and still get them dry in a timely manner. In most cases, truckmounted steam cleaning companies can get your carpet dry in only 2 to 4 hours. This is a great feat considering how much water they are actually using. The higher heat levels used with these machines also make chemicals more active meaning that the carpet cleaner has to use less chemical. This translates into a lower amount of residue in your carpet which means that your carpet will stay clean longer.
Truckmounted machines are much more expensive. A carpet cleaner can get into the industry using a dry method for around $2000. Why then would they spend $20,000 on a truck mounted machine when they could get by spending 1/10 of that. Quite simply, it is because they work much better. A company that invests in a truckmounted machine has a desire to perform the best work possible. If this weren’t the best method available, they would not invest this kind of money in them.
As you can see, there are many reasons that truckmounted machines are more effective than dry-cleaning methods or even portable steam cleaning methods. So next time you need your home or office carpet cleaned be sure to insist that your carpet cleaner uses a truckmounted carpet cleaner. You will not regret it.

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