Removing Tobacco Smoke Odor

Smoke OdorSmoke odor can be extremely persistent because cigarette smoke creeps into just about everything. It gets into the carpet, the furniture, the walls and even the air ducts. If you have a problem with cigarette smoke or tobacco smoke odor, here are a few places to begin.
As smoke cools, it will settle on your carpet and rugs. Your first step in removing smoke odor should be to have the carpet cleaned. A basic carpet cleaning will remove the majority of the sticky tar residue but you should also have your carpet cleaner apply a deodorizer. This will give it the extra punch to remove more odor.Do not consider cleaning the carpet yourself because those rental units lack the power to remove deep down hurt and lack the heat to break up sticky tar.
If furniture is in the home, your next step is to turn to it. After all, this is where those smokers were sitting and is where a large quantity of the smoke has settled. Of course, if you have a light colored piece of furniture, you might not be able to remove the stains. In this case, consider replacement. Just like with carpet cleaning, you should not even consider doing this job yourself. Upholstery cleaning can be complex and you could end up ruing your furniture.
If the carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning  failed to satisfactorily remove the odor, you should turn to the walls next. Painting them will usually suffice, but if you have a severe odor problem still, you should seal them first. An application of a good sealer like Kilz will do wonders.
Ozone Treatment
After all of this, if you still have smoke odor present in your home, an ozone treatment is advised. Ozone will bond with and neutralize odors and can reach places that you can not clean, like air ducts. There are many companies that provide ozone treatments and you can even purchase your own ozone machine. Click here to check prices on ozone generators. Be careful though because ozone in high doses is dangerous and you will not be able to be in your home while the machine is running.

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